What to expect?

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to work with you!

I know, believe me I know, how stressful portrait sessions can be. I get it. I too have been in your shoes and I wanted everything to be just awesome! So how can we make the best of your session? Plan ahead!

What time is best for my session?

The best light is early mornings and a couple of hours before sunset. I know this often interferes with bedtime and it’s tough to get up early but to get that beautiful, dreamy light that makes portraits pop, it’s best to work during those time. Now, I get it if you cannot make a 7pm session work with little people so I am happy to accommodate your family’s schedule but it may result in a little “different” look. Still beautiful but different. And I like to refrain from shooting between the hours of 11-3.

Where should my photos take place?

Pennsylvania is a wealth of locations. You have so many choices and depending on if you’re looking for a more urban or natural setting, I have a place for you! Let’s talk more and I can send you photos of some beautiful places in the area. Expect to drive a little for some but never more than about 20 minutes. Do you have an ideal location in mind? Well, I would love to hear about it. Some location do require professional photographers to purchase permits. If your location requires this you are responsible for the full fee. I will happily fill out the forms etc but you’ll need to pay the permit fee before your scheduled session. These places include Valley Forge Park, Pennypacker Mills and many local parks. Please let me know ahead of time and I will do all the legwork to figure out if we need to pull a shooting permit.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Well, we can shoot inside that day or get creative with umbrellas and coats OR you are welcome to reschedule. Because the desposit is non-refundable I will happily reschedule for any weather or illness issues.

What should I/my family wear?

There are no hard and true rules. I recommend avoid clashing colors and busy patterns but if your child feels at home in his Paw Patrol t-shirt, by all means, layer that bad boy under the cutest button up you can find. The memory of it is worth so much more than matching! He will be happy and so will you.

If you’re coming to see me for a senior session I would LOVE to shoot you in more than one outfit. Think casual, dressy, athletic or bookworm. Whatever your personality! I am happy to accommodate the extra time needed for clothes changes when you purchase Digital Two or above.

Stumped still? Pinterest is awesome for finding ideas. Check out my favorite what to wear pins by clicking here.

How long will my session take?

That depends on your package. I include 15 minutes to an hour with each session. This is total shoot time and doesn’t include time walking to our location or talking about the session. For family sessions, I suggest no less than 30 minutes and newborn sessions need a minimum for 60 minutes.

15 minute sessions are great for a couple great holiday card photos.

What will happen at my session?

Good question! Wait, I’m totally kidding. Depending on the session type we will do some posed and more natural shots. It will vary depending on time and well, let’s be honest, how much your little people can handle. I don’t like to push them but I do want to make sure you get all the shots you’re dreaming of. For family sessions expect group shots, sibling shots and I love love love to get a few of mom and dad and mom with the kids (dad too!). For children’s session we start with group shots and then do individuals and so on and so forth. If you have specific ideas, I would love to hear them but I love to take these ideas and make them my own and more focused on you and your family dynamic. Pinterest is great for ideas but trust me to make your session awesome. I want it to be awesome for you!

What happens after my session?

Well, expect a sneak peek on my Facebook page within about 24 hours. I love to post my favorite from the session. Then in about 10-14 days your gallery will be live! I will send you a link to download any pre-purchased digitals and you’re welcome to add additional digitals and prints for an additional charge. Digital photos are available for instant download once you’ve checked out and any prints you add will be shipped right to you with a few days. I send a tracking number and updates all along the way.

Mini sessions include 5 digital files of your choice. You will get 8 with a Digital One and a Digital Two comes with no fewer than 25 files. The Digital Two is really the best bang for your buck.

Your gallery is live for 14 full days. After 14 days it is deactivated and if you need to redownload, there is a republish fee of 25.00 per republish. Please also make sure to back up your downloaded images. I do archive for one year but after that, to make space, all unordered images are deleted.

Where do I get my digital photos prints?

Not all printers are alike unfortunately and after you’ve spent your time and money investing in portrait photography you’ll want the very best prints. There are lots of labs to choose from but I highly suggested taking your prints to www.mpix.com. They’re the closest to professional you will get and while you won’t walk out of a store with them, the prints will be shipped to your house lickety split!

Click here for an awesome comparison of the local labs to see what I am talking about.

What if I don’t like my photos?

Well that almost never happens but I do understand that sometimes it does. I am happy to reshoot your session one time at no additional charge. The original files will be discarded however and you only be able to select your final images from the second shoot. If you still don’t love the images I will refund 50% of your session fee.

Anything else?

Not unless you have more questions. Please ask any questions you need answered before your session and during. I am happy to help and want to make your Gail Anne Photography experience a great one!