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Playing Catch Up! Gail Anne Photography

It’s been the busy season here at Gail Anne Photography. Barely a moment to sit down honestly and some personal stuff mixed in. This poor blog is neglected as always. So, here is a drive by post to get you updated.

November filled up fast and normally I don’t take sessions in December but there has been such an influx of requests that I am doing a mini session 12-11. I need to secure a location but they will be morning sessions with the possibility of a few in the afternoon. I will post further information as soon as it is available.

I am shooting for Christ’s Church of the Valley the morning of December 3rd for their Very Merry Christmas morning, You can get more information about that by clicking here. It’s with great sadness that I tell you the reason we are not doing Santa photos this year is because we lost our Santa very suddenly this fall. He will be greatly missed. When I badly wanted to do something for the community with the gifts God gave me, he was the only one to step up to help. He came with smiles and joy every year and I don’t know how I will ever do it without him. There are few people in this world as wonderful, gracious, kind and giving as Scott was and he will be tremendously missed, forever but especially this holiday. He was my friend, a word I don’t just fling around. Please keep his wonderful family in your thoughts and prayers. Love you O’Hara Family.


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