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Baseball beauty


My middle son played his last summer baseball game yesterday. He made a great hit, bringing in a runner but thought he’d fouled out and didn’t run to first. He got out of course and well, was upset. Baseball is such a head game. As a mother it’s horrible to see him so upset and yet sometimes I find myself saying to him “stop crying”, knowing in the back of my head, I’d of cried too.

All I can do is teach him what’s right; remind him mistakes happen. Today I engaged in an argument with a page I used to follow on Facebook that posted right field was the team’s “Worst Player”. I felt it was disrespectful to the players and the game. The response was “of course the parent of a right fielder would be upset”.  I think any parent of a player should be.

I love/hate this photo. But I love this kid. And I love baseball.

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